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White Wines

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The 2010 vintage of Semper "Ulises" Chardonnay brings Tuck Beckstoffer yet another step closer to what he believes Chardonnay from the Sonoma Coast should be. If you are looking for incredible levels of minerality, elegance and nuance, then this is your wine. (Only 14 Barrels Produced) Bookmark and Share

$65.00  / Bottle
$780.00  / Case
 On the Fisher Vineyard's Mountain Estate, the vines grow on a steep, rocky, Northeast-facing slope at an average elevation of 1,300 feet, receiving early morning sun and minimal exposure to hot afternoon temperatures. Planted in 1999, this vineyard has proven ideal for the gradual ripening and maximum maturation of Chardonnay grapes. Bookmark and Share
$70.00  / Bottle
$840.00  / Case
Hailing from the hillside vineyards of Los Chamizal, the 2010 Husic Vineyards Chardonnay shows its pedigree with a refinement that is rare in California Chardonnay. Bookmark and Share

$45.00  / Bottle
$540.00  / Case
This exquisite, Graves-like Sauvignon Blanc offers unprecedented depth and complexity, amazing texture and a long finish, and has been lauded by Robert Parker as “…potentially the most serious Sauvignon Blanc to ever come out of California.” (Only 10 Barrels Produced) Bookmark and Share

$120.00  / Bottle
$1,440.00  / Case
Sourced from Hudson Vineyard in the Los Carneros appellation of the Napa Valley, the 2011 Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley Hudson Sauvignon Blanc presents arresting perfumes of ripe papaya and crisp lemon, with a hint of vanilla from the subtle oak aging. (Only 10 barrels produced) Bookmark and Share


$32.00  / Bottle
$384.00  / Case
An aromatic, Rhône Valley-inspired varietal, the 2011 Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley Marsanne expresses a fragrant nose that evolves with time in glass, and rich notes of melon and citrus on the palate that carry on to the bright, refreshing finish. (Only 7 barrels produced) Bookmark and Share

$38.00  / Bottle
$456.00  / Case
 The 2011 Semper "Le Conquete" Chardonnay is a first. A true and honest attempt at producing Chablis-style wine made from grapes grown in the far northwestern corner of Sonoma. (Only 5 Barrels Produced) Bookmark and Share
$45.00  / Bottle
$540.00  / Case
The Kristine Ashe shady three-acre riverside block of Sauvignon Blanc produces fruit with clean, crisp minerality and brisk acidity. With layers of complexity and a lush, yet crisp mouthfeel, this is a wine that intrigues the palate and the mind as its layers of flavor unfold. (Only 5 barrels produced) Bookmark and Share


$40.00  / Bottle
$480.00  / Case
The emblematic white wine of Argentina, Recuerdo Torrontés is cultivated in La Rioja. The quality of this region results in extremely aromatic varieties. The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks to preserve its fruit intensity and lively aromatics... Bookmark and Share

$12.00  / Bottle
$144.00  / Case
A classic vintage for Napa from start to finish, the 2012 Los Carneros Chardonnay represents the region perfectly with a nice fresh acidity and light mineral, stone characteristics. Bookmark and Share

$40.00  / Bottle
$480.00  / Case
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