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This wine is classic Stags Leap with a pronounced natural acidity and soft tannins, and highlights the characteristics of the region with flavors of dark stone fruits and berries with overtones of currants. (Only 8 barrels produced) Bookmark and Share

$60.00  / Bottle
$720.00  / Case
The 2010 Pedras Cabernet Sauvignon is a big lush wine, yet is balanced and elegant with captivating dark fruit flavors and rich layers of dark chocolate and hints of toasty vanilla. Bookmark and Share
$60.00  / Bottle
$720.00  / Case
The 2010 Renteria Knittel Vineyard Pinot Noir is a classic Carneros Pinot Noir with darker fruit aromas and a richer and thicker mouthfeel than the cooler Russian River vineyards. (Only 7 barrels produced) Bookmark and Share

$40.00  / Bottle
$480.00  / Case
The 2010 vintage of Semper "Ulises" Chardonnay brings Tuck Beckstoffer yet another step closer to what he believes Chardonnay from the Sonoma Coast should be. If you are looking for incredible levels of minerality, elegance and nuance, then this is your wine. (Only 14 Barrels Produced) Bookmark and Share

$65.00  / Bottle
$780.00  / Case
 On the Fisher Vineyard's Mountain Estate, the vines grow on a steep, rocky, Northeast-facing slope at an average elevation of 1,300 feet, receiving early morning sun and minimal exposure to hot afternoon temperatures. Planted in 1999, this vineyard has proven ideal for the gradual ripening and maximum maturation of Chardonnay grapes. Bookmark and Share
$70.00  / Bottle
$840.00  / Case
The San Andreas Fault is Hirsch Vineyards' signature Pinot Noir and is crafted to represent the entirety of Hirsch's complex vineyard. The 2011 San Andreas Fault Pinot Noir has fruit from 27 distinct farming blocks within the Hirsch Vineyard, more than any other wine made from the vineyard. Bookmark and Share

$62.50  / Bottle
$750.00  / Case
The Blueprint combines grapes from the younger vineyards in the Lail portfolio to create a stylistic resonance with the J. Daniel Cuvee. (Only 63 Barrels Produced) Bookmark and Share

$70.00  / Bottle
$840.00  / Case
A Victorian steam punk time machine of a wine a la Jules Verne. Very aristocratic, the combination of red fruits and floral notes with cedar and fresh cigar aroma recalls an earlier era. To be fully appreciated, this wine should be consumed while listening to Thelonius Monk's Ruby My Dear after a one hour decant. Bookmark and Share
$50.00  / Bottle
$600.00  / Case
The 2012 Husic Vineyards Pinot Noir is a wine of grace and perfume rather than brute power due to the long, cool season at the Sonoma Coast vineyard site. Bookmark and Share

$55.00  / Bottle
$660.00  / Case
The 2012 TOR Cuvée Torchiana Chardonnay is a robust wine with depth and raciness in its fruit and hints of French oak that add volume. Voluptuous and rich, this chardonnay stands out for the way it balances overt notes of butter, orange blossom and sweet spices with a considerable, underlying mineral-driven profile. Bookmark and Share

$60.00  / Bottle
$720.00  / Case
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