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Commemorating Fred and Juelle Fisher's wedding in 1975, the Wedding Vineyard is an integral part of the winery and of the Fisher family's life, producing small, highly concentrated berries of incredible depth and complexity. Bookmark and Share

Available Inventory: 17

$150.00  / Bottle
$1,800.00  / Case
The unique growing conditions of Rivera Vineyards yield a wine of distinctive character. The tannins are rich and at the same time retain an elegance and softness, with aromas that tend toward blackberry, cassis and black cherry, with components of herbs and tea. Bookmark and Share
$185.00  / Bottle
Crafted by 100 point winemaker, Thomas Brown, this wine from owner Carmen Policy’s home estate vineyard is among the most powerful, full-bodied wines in the Ma(i)sonry portfolio. Bookmark and Share
$150.00  / Bottle
$1,800.00  / Case
Every now and then lightning strikes. That is exactly what happened when all of the Coup de Foudre barrels of Cabernet Sauvignon were tasted during blending, and it was determined that four of them were of particularly exceptional quality. This special release is the uber Cabernet from the Coup de Foudre estate. (Only 95 cases produced) Bookmark and Share

$150.00  / Bottle
$1,800.00  / Case
The 2010 Juslyn Vineyards Spring Mountain Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine that stands out for its balance and total harmony. There is more than enough fruit to stand up to the tannins and sweet floral notes give the finish an added element of lift that is highly appealing. Bookmark and Share
$292.00  / Bottle
Blackbird Vineyards’ Contrarian is crafted by passion and instinct. This textured blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon possesses both an aromatic richness and subtle tannin profile. Bookmark and Share
$275.00  / Bottle
Illustration represents the core – the heart – of Blackbird Vineyards. Every element of Blackbird’s multi-faceted wine portfolio draws inspiration from this singular, Pomerol-inspired Merlot. It is an undiluted illustration of the passion, time and concentration invested in creating elegant, multi-layered wines. Illustration challenges the notion that Cabernet Sauvignon is the only age-worthy red wine crafted in the Napa Valley. Bookmark and Share
$275.00  / Bottle
Blackbird Vineyards’ Paramour possesses both sensuality and commanding structure and reveals the passionate relationship between Merlot and Cabernet Franc, as well as that between the winegrower and the land. Bookmark and Share

$275.00  / Bottle
Kristine Ashe Vineyards crafts modern wines the old way – completely by hand. Using the traditional techniques, they unlock diverse aromatics, complex flavors and a purity of fruit that cannot be achieved by mechanical methods. The elegant art and soul of this Cabernet Sauvignon shine through with refined tannins, luminous fruit, and full aromatic expression. (Only 11 barrels produced) Bookmark and Share

$155.00  / Bottle
$1,860.00  / Case
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